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September 22, 2008

September 22nd, 2008 blramo12

Tomorrow is my first test. I’m not sure if I should be excited or scared senseless. Hopefully the former, since some good old-fashioned sense might come in handy while taking a bio lab test. Since I work the dinner shift at Kimball until closing on Mondays, I didn’t get to the science lab until 9:30, and it normally closes at around 10-ish. I pretty much rushed back to my dorm, put my things away, and rushed down to the bio lab, where I was pleasantly surprised to find it more or less full. I honestly didn’t expect to see other people studying so close to closing time, but it was cool that I wasn’t in there by myself.

I got my microscope and slides, and was once again reminded why I’m a biology major. I mean, in lab and in class, it’s relatively easy for me to get bored and lose interest. However, looking things up on my own and at my leisure makes it all become cool again. Since tomorrow’s exam is going to be slide identification and identifying parts of fetal pig and bullfrog anatomy,  I decided to focus on the slides tonight. They were so cool! I know I’m being borderline (or maybe I jumped the line altogether) geeky, but when you get the chance to really look at something without the pressure of “I-want-dinner” or the common question of when class will finally end, you notice things you never noticed before, and make connections a lot better.

I managed to get a good look at most of the slides, and I’ll probably go back tomorrow for a quick glance back at what I did. Wish me luck on the first test!

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