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January 14, 2009

January 19th, 2009 blramo12

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break and, for you
seniors, that you’ll all enjoy one last semester of high school!

Over here, classes started today. My schedule for this semester is AWESOME. This is mainly because it does not involve getting up at 8 a.m. every morning (except Tuesday) and getting out in the late afternoon/early evening. My first class today was a 10 a.m. and it was organic chemistry. As sad as it may sound, I’m actually really excited for it. Even though there are horror stories told about that class and my grades last semester weren’t quite as pretty as I’d like them to be, I want the challenge. We were in the new science building, Smith Labs, and it was a nice place. Admittedly, the classroom looked a lot smaller than the lecture room in Haberlin, but the architecture of the building is nice. For one thing, the outer wall of the atrium is all glass, so it’s very light. Also, Smith Labs (I do rather wish they had named the labs something else, because I’m afraid of confusing the new building with Smith, the building connected to O’Kane and Fenwick) connects the original science complex with Beaven, which means that I never have to walk outside to get from class to class

Not freezing my face off to get to class is just plain lovely.

Speaking of the new building (I’ll skip talking about botany, because nothing of real interest happened in it today), I went exploring the new five building complex on Monday, with the intent of finding my CRAW poetry class in Beaven. As my poetry classroom is actually right next to the entrance to Beaven, I found that adventure boring, so I went to look around the upper levels of Beaven. I was walking in the second floor corridor when I passed a professor pacing in his office. He looked up, saw me peeking in, and said hello. Obviously I said hello back, and somehow we ended up having a nice little chat in his doorway for a good half an hour or so. He’s not one of my professors, nor will I be likely to have him as a professor, but I walked away from that conversation feeling pretty cool that I could pull off a random conversation with random people.

As I’ve now hit the four hundred word mark with this incredibly long blog entry, I’ll leave you all here. Until next time, bye!

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