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A Trip to Asia

April 18th, 2009 blramo12

Clouds of steam whirled around the head of one young, sweet, kind, hardworking (bet you can’t guess who I’m describing), pink-hatted girl as she took dishes out of the dishwasher, waiting for the clock to strike six so that she could go on yet another adventure.


The captains were kind (on a side note, fellow blogger Colleen was subbing for one of my normal captains, and we had a moment of blogger bonding when we discovered how sheltered we were compared to the guys on my shift during our break) and as soon as six o’clock rolled around, they let the girl and her coworkers go. The coworkers, headed for places unknown, went one way, while our young pink-hatted adventurer dashed back to her dorm, put on non-gross clothing, and ventured to Asia.


Well, that’s almost true. Technically, I only went to Hogan Ballroom. Last night ASIA, the (as seems obvious) Asian group on campus (Advocating Student Interest in Asia) put on their annual performance—ExplorASIAn. The performance includes dinner, and features dances from various Asian countries as well as several short video clips from the hosts, “testimonials” from some members, and  plenty of humor. And no, you do not need to be Asian to attend or be a part of ASIA. I am not a member of the group, but several of my friends are. I went to see them perform, and in my personal, completely biased opinion, the dances they were in were my favorites.


In short, the show was awesome. My future roommate Cynthia did a Vietnamese Candle and Fan dance, which was absolutely gorgeous to watch. My friend Abhi did an Indian hip hop sort of dance with his sister which was surprisingly fantastic (he never struck me as the dancing type). And then my friend Jenny did a Filipino dance called Tinikling, which involves having moving sticks on the ground and jumping around them. It looked cool, but I don’t think I’d ever be able to do it. My lack of grace and balance mixed with moving sticks could never lead to any good outcome. 


This weekend is also Visions Weekend for minority admitted students to come visit the school. I’ve met a few, and I can’t wait to run into more of you (no, I am not sketchy) during admitted students day!

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