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Round Two: The Return of the Sophomore

September 2nd, 2009 blramo12

There’s something about doing something you haven’t done in forever that is oddly thrilling. Thrilling, because it’s something you haven’t done in awhile; and ‘odd’, only when that certain something is ‘attending classes’.


Today was my first day of class since being on the Hill. I left my room with something that should have been pride at waking up with my alarm, but was instead a feeling of regret for not having scheduled all afternoon classes.


In case it has never before been noted, I am not a morning person.


At any rate, after filling up on eggs, sausage, and hash browns at Kimball, I made my way towards genetics. Quite honestly, I’m terrified of the course, but was heartened by the fact that my lab manual has a recurring character named “Drosophy” the Drosophila. After genetics, I quickly made my way towards the chemistry building in the hopes of getting a front row seat. I slid into the classroom, found a seat right in the front of the room, and was thrilled at the fact that I had snagged the best seat in the house. A girl then sat next to me and pulled out her notebook. It was labeled “Analytical and Physical Chemistry”.


I’m only in Organic 2.


Instantly, I sprang from my seat and ran to the room next door, where all the good seats were already taken.


Several hours later, I found myself butchering an ancient classical language…also known as trying to pronounce words in Latin. Thankfully, the boy next to me had taken some Latin in high school and tried to help me out. I was actually really excited at the fact that ‘ui’ makes the “we” sound when said out loud. I wrote it down in my notes as “whee!”.


I am easily amused.


As it is, I hope all of you had a wonderful summer, and that you have an even better (although it might be impossible to believe) school year!

2 Responses to “Round Two: The Return of the Sophomore”

  1. Tom Gordon says:

    Hey, welcome back! Hope you had a good summer, and how does it feel to no longer be the youngest class on the hill?

  2. blramo12 says:

    Hey Tom! It feels great no longer being the youngest class on the Hill—even though I sort of miss being a wide eyed freshman…

    On the upside, I can now use my dining dollars at Crossroads whenever I want…if I weren’t too lazy to walk up there most of the time! XD

    Thanks for reading!

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