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Because I Hit the Snooze Button…

October 12th, 2009 blramo12

See, I knew sleeping past my alarm would come in handy one day. Well…no, but I can pretend, can’t I? I’ve gotten into the nasty habit of hitting the snooze button in my sleep when my alarm rings at 8:30, and not actually getting up ‘til at least 9:00. Those of you still in high school probably think I’m weak for being unable to wake up by the time you’re sitting halfway through first period class, but—actually, there is no excuse; I am weak. It’s especially hard when you were having such a good dream beforehand. There was one time where I had this dream about an epic battle between dinosaurs and I just had to go back to sleep to continue it…but that’s a blog post for another time (or rather, never).

Anyways, on Friday I got out of bed at nine-something and went through my usual routine: bathroom, clothing, and hair-brushing while turning on my laptop to check my email and facebook (I am insanely addicted). I saw an email (which I would never have read if I woke up on time) about a prospective student who needed a host because her original one had canceled last minute. I mulled over hosting for a minute, looked at the time, and figured I might as well. My first time alone at Holy Cross had been for an overnight weekend program, and I had come late because I had an AP practice exam that day. Because I came in the afternoon, there hadn’t been anyone to pick me up, so I spent an hour or so by myself in Hogan reading. It was a nervous hour.

Clearly, there was no reason for anyone else to repeat it.

Aly the prospective was awesome. I really hope she comes here! I felt badly that she ended up sitting through my science classes when she wants to major in something humanities related, but I tried my best. I had never hosted before, and she was incredibly patient with me as I scrambled to figure out what aspects of HC would be most important for her to see. In the end, Clara, Cynthia, and I took her adventuring to all the most important places regular tours don’t show you at HC—the best bathroom on campus (located down the hall from Admissions), Fenwick Theater, O’Kane computer lab (I never learned where it was ‘til a good month into my first semester), Public Safety, various elevators, and out to eat in Kimball, to name some of the less obvious ones. I like to think I introduced her to nice people as well, like Goebel the Kimball captain and Debbie the Classics major.

Of course, introducing anyone to Debbie is generally a good life decision.

In the end, she had to go to her interview with admissions, but I wish her and everyone else applying the best of luck!

I can’t wait to host again!

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