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Good to the Last Drop

May 4th, 2009 blramo12

And so, the last remnants of the year decide to speed by, leaving me with only textbooks and hot weather to remember them by. 


Am I horrified to discover that the year is almost over and that I am this close to not being a freshman anymore? Absolutely. I’m currently trying to soak up the last bits of the year with both studying and small adventures. For yes, they are adventures, even if they are on a smaller scale.

For example, last week, the class of 2012 hosted Wet ‘n’ Wild, which was supposed to be an outdoorsy type of thing with a Slip ‘n’ Slide and cotton candy and other tooth rotting goodness. As it turned out, it was far too cold for that, so the little fair was moved into Mulledy basement, where it became Dry ‘n’ Wild. Clara, Cynthia, and I all went to it, and I must’ve gotten at least three things worth of cotton candy, made by our class president, Tom. I played paparazzi and subsequently took his picture afterwards.

And then there was the Spring Carnival. It was so much fun, and involved a small fair on Easy Street (with lots more sugar!) and a carnival and picnic dinner on Hart Center lawn. There were inflatable things there, which I had never been on, so it was really cool running around some of those. There was a gladiator type thing, where you fight someone else, and between me and Cynthia, I lost. It was a little depressing actually, as I could barely stand up and lift the giant whacking stick to fight back.

It’s what I get for my lack of physical exertion.

Clara fought Cynthia though, and won by a long stretch.

There was a fireworks display that same night, which was cool watching from the top of the Hill. The views are breathtaking from Hart Center lawn, what with all of nighttime Worcester sprawled behind you on one side and fireworks on the other.

It’s sad thinking that I’ll be away from a place that I’ve learned to call home over the past few months, but at least I’ll be leaving for my actual home with some great memories of life on the Hill. 



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  1. Clara says:

    No pictures of the president? Or Spring Weekend?

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